• Your Oregon Stories for July 2020 •

It's good to be in Oregon, Friend.

After a seemingly endless grey and rainy spring, it's finally summer in Oregon. The skies are blue, the mercury's rising, the sunsets are glorious, and even with everyone wearing masks and keeping a safe distance, the irrepressible spirit of Oregonians is everywhere apparent. Truly, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

This month is an exciting one here at 1000 Friends. In addition to our recent and upcoming activities and successes (see the highlights below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for daily updates), my staff and I are going to be joining our board later this month for an online retreat to begin the design of our next strategic plan. We do this every five years or so, but this one is unique. Why? Because, aside from guiding our work through COVID and beyond, this strategic plan will serve as the framework that takes us all the way to two very important 50th anniversaries: SB 100 in May of 2023, and 1000 Friends in October of 2024. We'll be laying the groundwork not just for the next few years, but for decades to come. If you are one of the folks who participated in our anonymous feedback survey back in March, thank you; your response is part of what's informing this process. Stay tuned over the next six months as the plan evolves, keep an eye out for other feedback opportunities, and as always, feel free to reach out with more thoughts and ideas for the next 50 years.

After all, you are the reason Oregon's land use planning system matters, and you are the reason our work is—and will continue to be—possible.

Thank you, Friend, for all you do, and thank you for being a Friend. 

For Oregon,

Executive Director


P.S. Please note that our offices remain closed while my staff and I remain fully accessible by phone and email from our home offices. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Short session, lasting results

Emergency Session Recap

It only lasted a few days, but June's emergency short legislative session yielded some big results, including an historic agreement between Oregon's conservation groups and the forestry industry.  

Taking steps to create diverse, abundant, and affordable housing in Portland

Housing Progress in Portland

After four years of advocacy, the final vote on Portland's Residential Infill Project is just a few steps away in mid-August. If passed, it will end decades of exclusionary zoning and open up housing opportunities for a whole generation.

Find out how we're taking action to protect Oregon's farmland

1000 Threats to Farmland

Don't have time to read our new 53-page farmland report? No problem! Join us on July 23rd for a live discussion of the key findings, including our 10-point action plan to protect Oregon's best agricultural zones.

Greg Holmes, future Senior Fellow of ALF-Oregon

Congratulations, Greg!

Our very own Greg Holmes has joined the American Leadership Forum's year-long Oregon Fellows Program. Alumni of this distinguished training include our Executive Director Russ Hoeflich and Board Member Jackie Dingfelder.

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