• Your Oregon Stories for January 2020 •

Hello, 2020 and hello, Friend!

Like the winter weather across Oregon, the new year itself is proving to be a bit wild and unpredictable.

Already this month, a major threat to the land use system has surfaced. It's called IP 53, and you can rest assured that we're working to contain it. Meanwhile, the legislative agenda for this year's short session at the State Legislature has nearly settled, and we're tracking all of the land use bills. You'll receive a separate preview email for those closer to the February 3rd start date. Right now, please consider joining us for our Lobby Day in Salem.

Speaking of ways to get involved, there's still time to apply for our Gerhardt Internship. In Southern Oregon, you can apply for our next Land Use Leadership Initiative. Keep an eye out for future sessions based in the Willamette Valley and in Portland as well. Or maybe you'd like to be our first-ever Major Gifts Officer? More on that opportunity below.

Following on the heels of the successful Metro-area bond measures for housing, parks, and nature over the last two years, work has begun on a transportation bond measure for November. And there's news on the housing front. In Portland, the Residential Infill Project has evolved once again, and, excitingly, anti-displacement and affordability amendments are now being considered as part of the proposal. Special thanks to our partners at Portland: Neighbors Welcome and Anti-Displacement PDX for those additions, and fingers crossed for a final vote this spring! Statewide, our work continues with LCDC and with communities in cities across Oregon (Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, and Bend, to name just a few) on the implementation of HB 2001 and HB 2003.

Tonight, we're headed to Salem, where 1000 Friends' member Nellie McAdams, who is co-chair of our Farmer Advisory Committee, is officially launching the Oregon Agricultural Trust. Welcome to the table, OAT!

A busy month, to be sure, but one that holds the potential for many land use successes in the year ahead, all of them made possible by members like you. Thank you for being a Friend.

For Oregon,

Executive Director

The Oregon Short Session is just around the corner!

Legislative Session Coming Soon

Protecting working and rural lands. Reducing wildfire risk. Mitigating climate change. Housing every Oregonian. These are just a few things we'll be working on during the 2020 Oregon Legislative Session, and you can, too.

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Are you passionate about Oregon? Do you love meeting other people who love Oregon? Do you love meeting other people who love Oregon and who want to contribute to its future? You could be our first-ever Major Gifts Officer.

All across Oregon, transportation matters

Movin' Right Along...

2020 is set to be a big year for transportation issues across Oregon. From an expected Metro ballot measure this fall to transit-related aspects of the anticipated climate bill, see how transportation links to land use.

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