• Your Oregon Stories for April 2020 •

Hang in there, Friend.

Each day, I am awed anew by the dedication of our partners on the front lines, from health care to housing to transportation to food systems, and all of the delivery and support networks in between. You are the ones making it possible for all of us to keep going, and to all of you, I say, "Thank you."

I am therefore also humbled by the generosity of you, our members, who, even with everything else going on in your lives and in the world, are nonetheless steadfastly ensuring that 1000 Friends can continue to serve Oregon throughout these challenging times. To you as well, I give my sincerest thanks!

Here is just some of what your support has allowed us to do in these last few weeks:

Truly, these accomplishments are a testament to you. I also wanted you to be the first to know that we have just secured, as of this afternoon, an SBA loan through the CARES Act, which further assures the stability of 1000 Friends and the safety of your investments in our work. 

While this isn't exactly the scenario anyone had in mind for 2020, together, we will continue to hang in there, working diligently toward the same goal we have always had: a beautiful and bountiful future for Oregon and all its people.

Thank you for all you do, Friend, and thank you for being a Friend. 

For Oregon,

Executive Director

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Last month, we mentioned that we're finalists for the prestigious Ivory Prize for our innovative work in housing affordability. Join us tomorrow (Thursday) morning for a live webcast to find out if we won!


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